Ex-Red Sox Reliever Carson Smith Exposes Astros Alleged Sign-Stealing Even Further on Twitter

The Houston Astros have been accused of electronically stealing signs during games in the 2017 MLB season, with reports surfacing exposing the organization's practices.

Well, someone who has experienced Houston's sign stealing first-hand has come forward with more information. Former reliever Carson Smith, who played for the Red Sox and Mariners, claims the Astros' bullpen catcher would relay signs to the mound regarding specific batters.

Smith claims the bullpen catcher would have specific signs for various batters, which were relayed to the pitcher during games.

The 30-year-old also called it "sketchy" that security and scorekeepers were so fixated on the Red Sox's bullpen, and more specifically a monitor which wasn't even functioning at the time.

Smith's memory of his series playing against Houston certainly seems to line up with the reports surfacing about their sign stealing, and his new revelations show the extent and detail with which the team went about their espionage.

The Astros have long been accused of stealing signs but we're finally starting to see some concrete evidence, and Smith's latest tidbit, while unproven, certainly adds fuel to the fire.