President Trump Reportedly Called Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez to Discuss COVID-19 Pandemic Response

Alex Rodriguez
President Donald Trump actually called Alex Rodriguez to discuss the coronavirus pandemic. | Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

The entire world is on high alert due to the increasing spread of the coronavirus. Jobs have shut down, stay at home sanctions are in effect, and everyone is encouraged to practice social distancing. Considering everyone is at home, likely watching television, the main face they see on a daily basis is President Donald Trump. He has plenty of knowledgeable people at his disposal, but it seems he may have opted to go to someone else for advice.

According to John Santucci of ABC News, President Trump called former New York Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez, along with Jennifer Lopez, to discuss the COVID-19 pandemic response.

No, this wasn't an Onion headline. This legitimately happened. The conversation was reportedly "pleasant," so yeah...there's that.

Trump has access to the greatest medical minds in America, like Dr. Anthony Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. Instead, he's looking for advice from A-Rod. Okay, then.

But hey, Trump also spoke with Tom Brady earlier in the week. Maybe TB referred the President to Rodriguez for some guidance.

Look, this isn't downplaying Rodriguez as a person. He's got a mind for business. But he simply isn't the person to ask for help during a medical crisis. Trump needs to listen the advice of health officials to combat this viral outbreak the correct way for the sake of everyone in the country.

If this report is true, it's just further proof of this administration botching the coronavirus outbreak.