VIDEO: Donald Trump Shouts Out Tom Brady in Coronavirus Press Conference for Some Reason

Donald Trump just talked to Tom Brady! OK.
Donald Trump just talked to Tom Brady! OK.

From White House visits to Obama brackets, athletics being intertwined with the Presidency isn't a foreign concept to a lot of Americans. However, it would seem very out of place for a President to name drop an athlete in the middle of a press briefing about how the United States is combatting the Coronavirus pandemic. Yet that is exactly what happened on Thursday, as President Donald Trump, for whatever reason, decided to shout out Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady during his opening statements to the media, claiming he'd just spoken to the man.

Great guy!

Why he felt the need to suddenly discuss his relationship with the former Patriots quarterback is entirely unknown. It was reported that Governor Jay Inslee wanted someone with a "Tom Brady" mentality to run the pandemic response, so Trump may have just been freelancing here and mentioned a recent conversation. Regardless, this was just an extremely bizarre moment during a time where the majority of Americans are tuned to listen to new information regarding the COVD-19 pandemic.

Just when you think the coronavirus can't throw up any more surprises, Tom Brady gets name dropped during a pandemic press conference. What a weird time in the nation's history.