To say that fans got their money's worth in Saturday's co-main event at UFC Fight Night Montevido between Vincent Luque and "Platinum" Mike Perry would be a colossal understatement.

Glimpses of the melee were reminiscent of Rocky's renowned clash against Drago in "Rocky IV" -- two fighters trading blow for blow with virtually no regard for the status and well-being of their faces.

The bout was the stuff of dreams for viewers and Luque was ultimately awarded the victory in a split decision. Perry's resilience, on the other hand, was the real takeaway of the night and his drive ultimately landed him a NASTY looking broken nose. WARNING: the image is pretty disturbing.

If you thought that image was bad, just take a look at this one posted by UFC President Dana White shortly after the fight.


Angles really are everything, and that one gives an impeccable perspective. Not only is the snout three times its regular size, it's also severely indented and turned.

For those who weren't able to witness the gruesome injury live, we've got you covered. Check out Platinum's team trying to clean-up the blood-soaked mess.

Unbelievable. What's not surprising, however, is that Perry walked it off literally as if nothing happened. The dude is a warrior of the highest regard and will step back into the octagon as soon as that nose is healed, no questions asked.