Photos Reveal Jose Altuve Pulled Weird Move With Undershirt in ALCS Game 6 Before Homer off Aroldis Chapman

Jose Altuve's got an undershirt on? Where'd it go?
Jose Altuve's got an undershirt on? Where'd it go? /

OK, so, folks, I know we're overanalyzing every little bit of Jose Altuve-related graphics, quick-changes, and slo-mo screaming, but you have to admit...this is weird.

Altuve famously came to the plate late in Game 6, and sent the Astros to the World Series with a monster dinger off an Aroldis Chapman slider. He refused to let his teammates rip his jersey off because he was shy, his wife got mad, he had a bad tattoo, or he was wearing an illegal buzzer.

But here's a new wrinkle -- mere minutes before, Altuve was spotted wearing an undershirt in the field for the top of the ninth. He wasn't wearing it all game, then popped it on for the top of the ninth, and ripped it off for the bottom of the inning. What gives?!

Is that normal? An offense-defense shirt switch? One former MLB player says, "Nah."

Considering this is all the absolute dumbest, we're excited for the latest string of excuses to justify the shirt, which may or may not have been covering up something. Was Altuve too cold, then too warm seconds later? He'll never tell you!