Photo From 2019 World Series Shows What Could Be Jose Altuve's 'Ugly Tattoo'

Picture of Jose Altuve's allegedly ugly tattoo has surfaced on Twitter
Picture of Jose Altuve's allegedly ugly tattoo has surfaced on Twitter /

The Houston Astros have been proven guilty of cheating during the 2017 MLB season. Of course, the discourse does't stop there -- allegations are still in the air as to whether they were dishonest in 2019 as well. The Astros have been accused of using buzzers to indicate what pitch is heading towards the plate. After Jose Altuve hit a walk-off home run in Game 6 of the ALCS, people claimed he did not want his shirt ripped off because he was wearing one.

Carlos Correa denied this emphatically on Saturday, and said the two reasons he wanted to keep his jersey on were because of his wife's request, and...a new, terrible-looking tattoo, something we're only learning about now.

Twitter acted as detectives and searched the internet for pictures of this tattoo, and lo and behold, it's possible that Altuve was inked up during this time period.

While Altuve had a tattoo during the 2019 World Series, it seems to be on his chest rather than his collarbone, as Correa previously indicated.

While Correa provided an attempt at reasoning for Altuve's actions, it does not debunk the allegations many are lobbing Altuve's way. In all honesty, if you just sent your team to the World Series, no one will care if you have some embarrassing ink.