Photos of Current NBA Players as Old Men is Actually Hilarious

A thread showcasing how NBA players will look in 40 years is incredible.
A thread showcasing how NBA players will look in 40 years is incredible. /

Plenty of NBA players have long, illustrious careers, but eventually all fall victim to father time at one point or another. Well, everyone but Vince Carter, that is. Recently, NBA Twitter has been enjoying photoshops of current NBA stars as much older men and it's incredibly funny.

The Twitter account NBA Retweet shared a couple of these edits on Sunday, and they're all outstanding. Included in the post are James Harden, Trae Young, Damian Lillard and Vince Carter.

All of the stars look completely different than they do now, except for Vince Carter. Carter has had one of the longest careers in NBA history, notching his 22nd season in 2019-2020. Hillariously, the photoshop leaves Carter untouched, as he seems ageless in talent and in looks to fans.

This January, Carter became the first player in NBA history to play in the league during four different decades. Other than the facial hair, not much about VC. has changed since his first game in 1998.

Fans enjoyed each of Carter's 1,541 NBA games, from his high-flying days on the Toronto Raptors, to his years as a veteran leader on the Atlanta Hawks. Carter currently sits third in career games played, and is likely to retire following this season. Vinsanity is truly ageless.