Bryce Harper Deletes Odd Cryptic Tweet Likely in Response to MLB Negotiations

Bryce Harper deleted this unusual tweet
Bryce Harper deleted this unusual tweet /

The constant bickering between the MLB and the MLBPA has the game's biggest superstars seething with rage. Rather than scream and yell, Philadelphia Phillies star Bryce Harper decided to take a walk and clear his mind.

Just a few days after joining in on the "tell us when and where" racket, Harper posted a video of him walking aimlessly in the forest (?), likely trying to express his frustration with the constant back-and-forth in negotiations after the latest proposal was shot down.

Harper later deleted the tweet, which looks more like a Staind album cover than some sort of bold statement meant to get the players and fans fired up.

Harper, like many around the league, had to be crushed when the MLBPA's counterproposal featuring 70 games (instead of 60!) was viewed as unacceptable by the owner. The players are simply doing their best to make this shortened season as legitimate as possible but the owners don't care because they're looking to save every penny possible.

Even names like Harper and Mike Trout calling out the owners have done little to push the 2020 start date ahead, which has to be a really sobering thought for everyone who loves baseball.

So, yeah, Bryce, enjoy that stroll.