If Mike Trout Calling Out MLB Owners Doesn't Sound the Alarm for Rob Manfred Nothing Will

Mike Trout finally went after the owners and Rob Manfred.
Mike Trout finally went after the owners and Rob Manfred. /

Los Angeles Angels superstar Mike Trout is shy, almost to a fault. While he's not particularly outspoken regarding much, the 2020 MLB season potentially not starting has the game's best player ready to act.

Trout, echoing the sentiments of Washington Nationals starter Max Scherzer and a host of other MLB stars, confirmed that they are willing to play a season anytime and anywhere, but the owners' stubbornness in negotiations is the main obstacle towards finally getting the season started.

Trout has a legitimate reason to fight for prorated salaries and as many games as possible, as he is the player who stands to lose the most from this shortened season.

Manfred and the owners have been perfectly willing to take a roasting from some of the league's best players, but perhaps the face of the sport and clear-cut best player taking them to task over the lack of a 2020 season could finally force them to concede some of their demands.

Trout almost NEVER opens his mouth, so the owners forcing the mild-mannered superstar into speaking his mind in a pretty direct and antagonistic way shows just how stubborn that half of the negotiation is being right now.