Why not add another high-profile member to the Green Bay Packers family? The more the merrier!

Beatles and legendary solo artist Paul McCartney became a Packers shareholder before a concert at Lambeau on Friday night, thanks to a little help from his friends (more like 50,000 fans and Packers ownership, in this case).

Lambeau Field was among the many stops that the rock star has made on his Freshen Up tour that started in September of 2018. The concert sold out and McCartney received a game ball from the Packers for his milestone accomplishment on this latest tour stop.

The concert was by all accounts, a success, and now McCartney enters the lore of yet another American city, just as he did during the late '60s and early '70s with The Beatles.

A franchise that has been devoid of hope over the past few years because of various injuries to Aaron Rodgers and a lack of consistency on defense certainly got a glimmer with the English legend. If there's one thing Green Bay can now boast, it's that they now have a legendary part-owner.