Patriots Draftee Explains White Nationalist Tattoo and Vows to Cover it up

Marshall kicker Justin Rohrwasser
Marshall kicker Justin Rohrwasser / Julio Aguilar/Getty Images

The New England Patriots appeared to have found the successor to Stephen Gostkowski in the 2020 NFL Draft, as they used a fifth-round selection on Marshall kicker Justin Rohrwasser.

Rohrwasser comes with some serious baggage, however, as the former Thundering Herd kicker sports a tattoo of the logo of "The Three Percenters," a far-right, white nationalist group. While threatening in America, the group are considered by some to be arguably the most dangerous of their kind in Canada.

Rohrwasser made 85.7% of his kicks during his final season, but his college productions means next to nothing if he his tattoo was indeed added to his body in a show of support to the group.

Rohrwasser claims that he got the tattoo when he was a teenager, and that he thought the logo represented a military support group. Rohrwasser claims that he will cover the tattoo and that is clearly "supports something I do not want to represent."

If Rohrwasser is being truthful and his tattoo is a byproduct of a youthful moment of ignorance, the Patriots might have found themselves a kicker. If his tattoo continues to cause problems, or his explanation is proven to be false, it can and should end his NFL career.