Bill Belichick and Patriots Trade Out of First Round After QB Circus Doesn't Go Their Way

New England Patriots trade out of first round.
New England Patriots trade out of first round. / Adam Glanzman/Getty Images

Either the Patriots think they can get Jordan Love midway through the second round, or they're not enamored with the draft's fourth-ranked QB.

In predictable Bill Belichick fashion, the Pats did not leap into the top 10 for a sliding Tua Tagovailoa, nor did they snag a fearsome weapon at No. 23.

No, no. Once the selection approached, Belichick & Co. swapped picks with the Los Angeles Chargers, accruing second- and third-rounders in the process.

Kenneth Murray, a linebacking stud, goes to LA, while Belichick goes back to the drawing board and does more of what he does best.

This was no shocker -- if Tagovailoa had stunningly dropped, then sure, New England likely would've gotten involved in the proceedings. But once the Dolphins came to their senses, the Pats didn't see any gamebreaker at 23 who they preferred to a high second-rounder and an additional third. Without this swap, New England wouldn't have owned a second-round pick in any capacity.

So, who is it in the second round, Trader Bill? We'll be waiting with bated breath to see if Zack Baun slips into your grasp.