Patriots DB Devin McCourty Really Did Not Like the Netflix Aaron Hernandez Documentary

Devin McCourty
New England Patriots DB Devin McCourty had issues with the Aaron Hernandez documentary. | Kathryn Riley/Getty Images

A new Netflix documentary, "Killer Inside: The Mind of Aaron Hernandez," has become a pop culture phenomenon -- especially for those who weren't espcially familiar with the tragic story of the former NFL tight end as it was unfolding.

The documentary has naturally been a bit controversial, however, and New England Patriots defensive back and former Hernandez teammate Devin McCourty came out and said he had a few issues with the whole thing.

McCourty's first problem has to do with Odin Lloyd's family receiving harassment and threats. Hernandez was convicted of murdering Lloyd, and McCourty pointed out this week that Lloyd's family has already gone through enough as it is; dragging the story up again simply opens up old wounds.

His second issue is with some of the individuals interviewed in the documentary. Some didn't know Hernandez personally, while others may have played with him, but were not depicted as being particularly close to him in any way.

There is also the fact the documentary tries to paint Hernandez as a victim in many respects, and even a sympathetic figure. This is a lot for someone like McCourty to take in after he entered the league with Hernandez in 2010 only to see his former draft classmate be arrested, tried, and convicted of murder three years later.

Hernandez's family and former teammates have had to deal with this story all over again after all the emotional strain of handling it in real time. McCourty thinks that continually bringing it up can't lead to any good, and he's adamant about it.