Aaron Hernandez's Ex-Fiancee and Lawyer Speak Out About Netflix Documentary

The Netflix documentary "Killer Inside" takes an in-depth look at former Florida Gators and New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez, who was convicted of the murder of Odin Lloyd and named in connection with at least two other murders.

While the documentary has received almost universal praise for what the writers and producers were able to uncover, some of the people portrayed in the film took exception with the project. Jose Baez, the lawyer who defended Hernandez in his double murder case from 2012, claimed the producers lied directly to his face, and the truth regarding Hernandez will be found "on the cutting room floor."

Shayanna Hernandez (Jenkins), the former fiancee of Hernandez and mother of his daughter, was portrayed in a negative light by the documentary, especially as it pertained to her credibility on the stand in the Lloyd trial. Jenkins was thankful for the amount of "support and positive energy" she received after the release of the film, but claimed she will take a social media hiatus.

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The documentary might have done an excellent job getting all of Hernandez's demons out in the open, but it appears some who knew him very well are calling into question certain pieces of the movie.