Rival AFC East Coach Has to Be Kidding With Cam Newton-Patriots Take

Cam Newton
One AFC East coach doesn't believe the New England Patriots will start QB Cam Newton. | Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

The New England Patriots signed Cam Newton and that seemed to shut down the idea of Jarrett Stidham being the starting quarterback in 2020.

If the faith in Stidham was high there would have been no reason to sign Newton. Yet one AFC East head coach apparently believes Newton is only showing up as a backup quarterback.

Seriously? Signing a former MVP to be a backup among objectively worse quarterbacks?

This was obviously either Adam Gase, Brian Flores or Sean McDermott. Or perhaps Bill Belichick is trolling us all with some sort of fake news leak. This can't be a genuine opinion about Newton and the Patriots. Stidham has thrown four career passes and it's an insult to Newton to begin listing the former MVP's accomplishments in a comparison.

The Patriots allowed Newton's market to sink and then snatched him up late in June. Being so high on Stidham was a part of that and Belichick tends to know what he's doing, to put it lightly.

In this case he must have done a great job convincing the rest of the league that Stidham is the second coming of Tom Brady. That, or the head coach who said this truly believes what he said and may want to have another gameplan ready to go for the first meeting against the Patriots.