Comparing Cam Newton's Skillset to Tim Tebow is a Huge Insult

Cam Newton's skillset is far superior to that of Tim Tebow.
Cam Newton's skillset is far superior to that of Tim Tebow. / Jacob Kupferman/Getty Images

Cam Newton's value dropping so low this offseason was a bit of a shock. The Carolina Panthers released the former MVP and it took until the end of June for him to sign a contract, which ended up being just a one-year deal with the New England Patriots.

Injuries surely played some part in the situation. There's also the fact some teams may look at Newton as a runner, despite the fact he has never thrown for under 3,000 yards in a season when healthy. So why do crazy comparisons continue to be thrown out there?

Comparing Newton to Tim Tebow is a joke. The Denver Broncos had to completely change their offense to adjust to Tebow being severely limited as a passer. He only had 1,729 passing yards in 14 games back in 2011. Newton doesn't run because he can't throw the ball -- it's just a really good complement to his passing abilities.

Tebow's best year as a runner came in 2011 and he only had 660 yards. Newton has beat that mark three times in his career without the Panthers having to construct the offense around his running. It's true that Josh McDaniels can get more creative with Newton at quarterback. However, bringing up Tebow as an inspiration is just illogical.