Patrick Mahomes' Rookie Contract With Chiefs Puts His Future Record-Breaking Deal Into Crazy Perspective

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes
Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes | Focus On Sport/Getty Images

Everyone knew the Kansas City Chiefs were going to exercise their fifth-year team option with Patrick Mahomes in 2021. He brought them a Super Bowl, he's a constant MVP favorite, and he's simply the best quarterback in the NFL. They're eventually going to give him the gaudiest contract in NFL history.

And his historic payday is going to be made all the more insane by how small his rookie contract is.

When his contract gets extended, he'll likely be making $41 million a year. That's $6 million more than the current highest-paid quarterback, Russell Wilson. Mahomes's humble beginnings look a lot different, though: To start his career, he was granted only a $16.4 million contract across five years.

His rookie deal was set up to pay out only $13.7 million as of now. That's four years of work giving him only a third of what he's going to be making each year when the Chiefs give him that screaming extension.

Talk about a rising star.

Mahomes is going to wait a little while longer for his windfall, but as he continues to get better and better, that money's going to come soon enough. When it does, he's going to be a very fortunate man.

Mahomes' rise in the NFL has been meteoric. It's so rare that a talent comes on so quickly and effectively. He's the present and the future of the sport, and there's no doubt about it. It's just incredible to look at his value before this all started.