Panthers Twitter Has Merciless Troll for Falcons Over New 2020 Jerseys and Atlanta Tweaks Cam Newton in Comeback

The Panthers didn't like the New Atlanta Falcons uniforms.
The Panthers didn't like the New Atlanta Falcons uniforms.

The Atlanta Falcons unveiled some new uniforms today, and the opinion on them has been split pretty much down the middle. While the matte black helmet, cool new number font, and red stripe down the side were all praised, the large number size, inclusion of "ATL" across the chestplate, and a weird red/black gradient jersey weren't the biggest hits on social media.

The Carolina Panthers didn't seem to be big fans of the new look from their NFC South rivals, as they mocked Atlanta by comparing the new unis to the uniforms work by Adam Sandler's prison squad from that awful "The Longest Yard" remake.

I mean...the all-black uniforms do kind of look like the uniforms from the movie. Undeniable.

The Falcons wasted no time savaging the Panthers in their retort, as they brushed off criticism of their unis by saying #shinethrutheshade while typing it usuing all sorts of weird letters and characters.

That same slogan (and "font) is often used by former Panthers quarterback Cam Newton, whom the Panthers released this offseason, on a lot of his social media posts.

Let's call this a draw, gentlemen.

The new threads confirmed that the two teams' 2020 matchups were already going to be more fashionable than in past seasons, and this back-and-forth on Twitter confirmed the animosity between the two crews is still very much alive.