Packers' Za'Darius Smith Shouts Out Team Equipment Staffer's Mother After Her Cancer Goes Into Remission

Packers star Za'Darius Smith Twitter account
Packers star Za'Darius Smith Twitter account

Last season, Packers outside linebacker Za'Darius Smith received some attention for running up to the camera during Sunday Night Football and flashing the words "We Love Eileen" on his undershirt. After the game, it was explained that Eileen was Eileen Brooker, the mother of Packers equipment staffer Ben Brooker. At the time, she was battling cancer, but now, things have taken a great turn.

Her son revealed on Instagram that her cancer is now in remission.

She was shocked when Smith appeared on national television with her son's handwriting on his shirt and was extremely grateful. Brooker has been a lifelong Packers fan, and she said that the gesture made her feel stronger knowing that Packer nation was supporting her in her fight.

"Everyone has a struggle," Eileen said at the time, "and I think when you know someone that's going through something difficult, don't run away from them, run to them."

As you can imagine, Smith was elated after learning the news.

Ben referred to Smith's honorable gesture last fall as "one of the best moments of [his] life." This is the kind of positivity the world needs more of.