Owners' Proposed Pay Cuts for Top MLB Players Are Downright Ludicrous

Rob Manfred
MLB owners have proposed some major pay cuts for the players in 2020. | Billie Weiss/Boston Red Sox/Getty Images

MLB fans have been hanging on every single update that has come out about the owners and the players exchanging plans to play a 2020 season. First came prorated salaries, followed by a proposed revenue split, and the results were players not being happy.

The top players in the league may not even consider the latest idea for pay cuts.

A player making $1 million would still take a huge cut, but nowhere near what would happen for top players in the league. Earning around $7.8 million is still an amazing year of income, but it is not what was promised when signing a $35 million-per-year contract. Factor in the massive taxes on these contracts and some players may be wondering if the risk of injury or illness is worth the money.

Continuing to offer up pay cuts is a bold strategy on the part of the owners. They need the players active in order to make money in 2020 and going back on several offers, including prorated salaries, is likely not going over well. The simple solution is prorating it to the amount of games played.

Yet, expecting top players to earn far less than half of their salary is a tough ask.