Latest Update Suggests MLB and MLBPA Coming Closer to Reconciling Differences in 2020 Plan

MLB Players Association executive director Tony Clark
MLB Players Association executive director Tony Clark | Mark Cunningham/Getty Images

With the long-anticipated week from hell officially in the rearview, it appears that MLB owners and players really are incentivized to work past their differences so that the 2020 season can get started at or around the weekend of July 4.

According to league insider Jon Heyman, the owners and the MLBPA will meet on Tuesday to discuss a potential restart of the 2020 season. You can expect the financial friction to be a prominent topic of discussion.

At this time last week, baseball's return looked bleaker than ever, as several high-profile players -- including Mike Trout, Bryce Harper and Blake Snell -- lambasted the owners' proposed revenue split. With this in mind, today's update is extremely encouraging.

Fans should be crossing their fingers that owners agree to send a less draconian plan to the MLBPA following this consultation. Of course, a new proposal would only open the door for another round of squabbling and more player scrutiny, so the fate of the 2020 season admittedly still remains unclear.

Players deferring salaries is rumored to be the focal point of the owners' next proposal, and that's far from a surefire solution. However, the fact that both sides are engaging in actual negotiations again is a positive sign.

We'll know more once the meetings conclude. If you're a baseball fan, it's time to cross those fingers.