One Stat Proves LSU is Best College Football Team Ever

Joe Burrow and LSU celebrate National Championship
Joe Burrow and LSU celebrate National Championship | Alika Jenner/Getty Images

The LSU Tigers have erased any bit of doubt that they were the best team in college football this season. Joe Burrow made the offense go in the CFP like he had all year, and LSU's defense did just enough to solidify the team's first 15-0 season and fourth national championship.

Many believed whichever team made it out of this year's four-team gauntlet would have a good argument as the best college team of all time, but now that LSU pulled it off they have history on their side as a testament to their greatness.

What makes this LSU feat even more impressive is they beat Alabama on the road, and they beat Georgia, Oklahoma and Clemson in consecutive games on some of the sport's biggest stages (SEC Championship, CFP). The Tigers average margin of victory in these games was a whopping 21 points. With additional wins against then-No. 9 Texas, then-No. 7 Florida and then-No. 9 Auburn, LSU can say they have seven top-10 wins this season.

When you look at where this program was within the last three years and how much talent it will lose over this offseason, it's hard to leave this LSU group out of the conversation as college football's greatest team ever.