Old Tweets Prove Paul George Clearly Grew up a Lakers Fan

So, Paul George wants you to believe that he grew up a Clippers fan.

The six-time NBA All-Star may have grown up in northern Los Angeles, but he is a Lakers fan all the way. Here are some tweets that will set the record straight.

Despite being known as a Laker fan for years, PG-13 now wants all of LA to believe that he has riding with the Clippers all along. However, nobody is really buying it -- except maybe Steve Ballmer.

George absolutely idolized Kobe Bryant growing up. He would watch Kobe play during Lakers games and copy everything from his form to his work ethic.

Funny... I don't remember Kobe ever sporting blue and red. Except the Clippers did come pretty close to landing the Black Mamba once.

George can fabricate to your face all you want, but you can bet that his opinion will remain true especially if he builds on his legacy with a championship for the Clip Show.