Oklahoma Finally Gives in and Trolls Texas With 'Horns Down' on Twitter

Many were disappointed when Oklahoma head coach Lincoln Riley revealed that his team would not show the "Horns Down" hand gesture before or during Saturday's rivalry game against Texas.

Well, good things he's not in charge of the school's Twitter account!

The University of Oklahoma joined the rivalry antics on Tuesday by trolling the Texas Longhorns with a horns down tweet. This is sure to get the rivalry going even more!

The tweet comes as a little bit of a surprise though, as it was reported in September that OU spirit squad members were “heavily encouraged” to not show the hand sign during the upcoming game, including on social media.

Don't expect any Sooners players to give in since showing the gesture is now worthy of a 15-yard taunting penalty.

The symbol has been widely use and accepted for quite some time now, but it's 2019 and we're apparently not allowed to have fun anymore.