Ohio State Fans Have Every Right to Be Outraged About 2 Questionable Calls in Loss to Clemson

Ohio State coach Ryan Day upset with officiating
Ohio State coach Ryan Day upset with officiating / Ralph Freso/Getty Images

Ohio State and Clemson gifted us a Fiesta Bowl battle that neither team deserved to lose. However, one fan base is sure to be more upset than the other given the outcome of two specific calls which directly impacted the final score.

In the first half, as Ohio State held a 16-0 lead, Clemson faced a fourth down and likely punt. Yet, the officiating crew deemed this to be a targeting call. Not only did the 15-yard penalty give Clemson a first down which they would eventually turn into seven points, but the Buckeyes lost stud DB Shaun Wade for the game, creating a massive hole in their secondary.

Football fans will rightly point out that this is the correct call, by the book. However, considering Lawrence was lowering his shoulder and Wade didn't appear to intentionally go high, it's a classic case as to why the rule should be up to some level of interpretation. In this case, Wade fell victim.

In the second half, Ohio State looked to return a fumble for a touchdown on a fluke play. Upon further review, Clemson WR Justyn Ross took several steps with control of the football, and then lost possession. Yet, when the officials went to replay, they deemed it an incomplete pass.

Sure, it's a close call, but to overturn the call on the field is ludicrous. Officials are supposed to have clear evidence to do so, and that's just not the case here.