VIDEO: Refs Screw Ohio State Again With Head-Scratching Decision to Overturn Defensive TD

Refs overturn Ohio State defensive TD vs Clemson
Refs overturn Ohio State defensive TD vs Clemson /

What is a catch? This is the question our forefathers have long asked, and that we still do not have a legitimate answer to. In college football, one would expect the rule to be a little more clear than in the NFL. In the Fiesta Bowl, Ohio State was dealt another blow from unforeseen forces, as officials overturned what looked to be a defensive touchdown. Justyn Ross appeared to take several steps and have control of the ball. However, the officiating crew didn't agree.

What in God's name is a football move? Do we have a definition of this term for the general public, because we're at a loss.

Ohio State fans might riot if this game doesn't end their way. Frankly, we're not sure we blame them.