Ohio State Assistant Athletic Director Tweets Out Comical Photo of Ezekiel Elliott as a Kid

Cowboys fans everywhere are resting easy knowing that Ezekiel Elliott is their running back for the foreseeable future. He and Dallas finally came to terms on contract worth $90 million over the next six years, making him the highest paid running back in the NFL.

And in the spirit of the joyous occasion, Ohio State assistant athletic director Mark Pantoni posted a downright hilarious photo of the former Buckeye star from back when he was a child.

This, ladies and gentleman, is the highest paid running back in football. Bask in his glory.

There are so many things going on in this photo that make it comedy gold. Everything from the semi-dirty mirror to the fact that young Zeke is flexing sells this picture.

But perhaps what stands out the most is the fact that he took the picture with a flip phone. If you needed any sort of timestamp for this, all you need to do is look at the device in his hand.

Embarrassing photos aside, it's good news that the Cowboys have the focal point of their offense back even if he did come at an absurdly steep price. Dallas lives and dies by his production, and when he's not on the field to take pressure off of the passing game, they run the risk of struggling mightily.

Hopefully he'll be able to hit the ground running to help his team compete for the NFC East title now that he's secured his new contract. At the very, very least, we know one beaming administrator up in Columbus will be backing him.