Odell Beckham Jr. Claims Hip Injury is Slowing Him Down Ahead of Week 1

Detroit Lions v Cleveland Browns
Detroit Lions v Cleveland Browns | Kirk Irwin/Getty Images

A minor hip injury is hampering Browns star Odell Beckham Jr. with Week 1 of the NFL season right around the corner.

Luckily for Cleveland fans, OBJ isn't expecting to miss any time, as he still intends to play against the Titans and has been getting rehab treatment on his hip everyday. However, OBJ has made it clear the hip is giving him some issues.

"It’s like an extremely fast car with the alignment off,'' Beckham Jr. told Cleveland.com. "The car can still go, but it’s dangerous.''

OBJ hasn't been able to sprint or open up due to the injury, which could be a glaring sign, but opening game adrenaline could render the injury a non-factor.

The 26-year-old receiver looked just fine when he met up with Colin Kaepernick recently, but it'll be a whole different ballgame with defenses looking to disrupt one of the league's top stars.

It could be one heck of a season for Cleveland, as they ooze with hype and generate buzz around the league, but they'll need OBJ to stay healthy to do so. Beckham Jr.'s first performance as a Brown may be under a microscope even more than before, now that his hip is in question.