Odd Instagram Account Keeps Recreating LeBron James as a Giraffe and We Have No Clue What's Going On

LeBron James has made a legendary NBA career by maximizing his talent and reaching the mountaintop, while the creator of the "LeRaffe James" has used their talent for...well, whatever this is.

The "LeRaffe James" Instagram account recreates the Lakers superstar's pictures by making him and whoever else is in the photo a giraffe. It definitely isn't the content you know you needed, but it's there for you nonetheless.

In all seriousness, we want to applaud the artist for his work because, while extremely weird, it looks fantastic. The captions are also directly copied and pasted from Bron's original photos, which makes the experience even funnier if you follow The King on social media.

The creator's work is exceptional, even recreating the LeBron 17 shoe in their art style.

James is one of the best players in league history and is currently in China to play a pair of preseason games against the Brooklyn Nets, but he's also one of the few people who can simply open Instagram if they've ever wondered what they would look like as a giraffe.

If you weren't jealous of LeBron before, you have to be now.