VIDEO: PR Rep Shuts Down CNN Reporter for Asking James Harden and Russell Westbrook About China

It doesn't look like the NBA is ready for its players to give their thoughts on the recent controversy between the league and China. CNN anchor Christina Macfarlane was cut off by a spokesperson after she asked Houston Rockets stars James Harden and Russell Westbrook if they feel differently about speaking out about social issues going forward.

The Rockets played the Raptors in Japan for a preseason game, and while the tension definitely wasn't as high as the Lakers and Nets game in Beijing, the strained relationship between the NBA and China will have ripple effects regardless of where games are played.

Chinese sponsors have already pulled their logos from NBA courts while Anta Sports has suspended contract renewal talks with players like Klay Thompson and Gordon Hayward, both of whom are currently signed with the company.

Macfarlane's question was definitely valid, but it comes to no surprise that a spokesperson stepped in before either player could answer. It won't be a matter if this trend will continue, but rather how long.