NFL is a Complete Joke if They Actually Screw Over Ezekiel Elliott Again

Divisional Round - Dallas Cowboys v Los Angeles Rams
Divisional Round - Dallas Cowboys v Los Angeles Rams | Harry How/Getty Images

Ezekiel Elliott is now at the mercy of the NFL, and we can't help but think commissioner Roger Goodell is going to try and make an example out of him yet again.

If a suspension does come to pass and Goodell decides to toss the book at Elliott, it'll prove once and for all that the NFL is a total joke when it comes to disciplinary action.

Elliott is by no means perfect. He can act unruly from time to time when he's off of the field, but considering he's under the microscope for slightly shoving a security guard while Tyreek Hill, a man who's been surrounded by allegations of child abuse and domestic violence, isn't being treated with the same rigor is absurd.

This isn't the first time Elliott has been the subject of incredible scrutiny either. He was handed a six-game suspension back in 2017 for domestic violence allegations in spite of inconsistent evidence and the fact that he was never arrested or charged.

It's another example of the fact that here's no rhyme or reason to how the NFL extends disciplinary action. Tom Brady, for example, took a four-game suspension for being generally aware of low air pressure in footballs while the aforementioned Hill might not even get that much.

The massive discrepancies in suspension lengths are well-documented and frankly embarrassing.

All eyes will be on how Goodell plays this one. If he hands Elliott an unfair suspension just to make an example out of him, any shred of credibility the league had in terms of discipline will cease to exist entirely.