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New York Daily News Back Page Hits Knicks Fans Right Where it Hurts After Draft Lottery Fail

The New York Daily News always knows how to judge the feelings of Knicks fans, and they hit the nail on the head after they failed to acquire the No. 1 pick in the NBA Draft at Tuesday night's lottery.

Had the Knicks secured the top pick, they would've had the option to select Zion Williamson or try to trade his rights for the likes of Anthony Davis. Instead, New York got the third pick, a modest consolation prize.

Considering New Yorkers' expectations were so high, the Daily News went big.

Yikes, ya don't say?

Without the top pick, the Knicks are still set up pretty well, and could put together a trade package for AD around the No. 3 selection, Kevin Knox or some of their other assets. Still, it makes the task much tougher.

The Knicks have ample opportunity to add through the draft and free agency. However, given the pessimism of fans, New Yorkers probably think this is more of what's to come in terms of their prospects of landing Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving despite there being no evidence of that correlation.