Saints' Worst-Case NFL Draft Scenario is Trading Up for Jordan Love

The New Orleans Saints should not make the mistake of trading up for QB Jordan Love.
The New Orleans Saints should not make the mistake of trading up for QB Jordan Love. / Joe Robbins/Getty Images

The New Orleans Saints were able to avoid a painful transition when Drew Brees signed a brand new two-year deal this offseason rather than announcing his retirement. Whether he stays the full two years remains to be seen, but quarterback isn't a major need right here, right now.

All told, however, Taysom Hill is one injury away from having to step up as the No. 1 guy. While he is an exciting option at quarterback in certain situations, the team should want to start grooming a young player for the future sooner rather than later. One ESPN writer threw out the possibility of the snatching up Utah State quarterback Jordan Love. If he falls to them at No. 24 overall, he'a smart pick, but New Orleans must resist any urge to trade up for him.

Love is a polarizing quarterback prospect. Yes, Love could take a tumble and remain on the board at No. 24, but it's more likely that he goes within the top 10 or 15. It all depends on which teams view him as a must-have.

That uncertainty surrounding him is why the Saints can't afford to give up several assets to move up and take a chance on a player that presents so many question marks.

The Saints would be much better off using a later pick on a quarterback instead of gambling with their top pick only to stash love on the sidelines for in indeteriminate period. Another alternative would be signing a seasoned backup who has experience in the league. There are other needs, such as linebacker and receiver, that need to be addressed before quarterback, and the Saints can't afford to buy into the Love hype and hurt the team's chances of success in the final year or two of Brees' career.