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New Balance Just Dropped More Awesome Kawhi Leonard 'Fun Guy' Shirts and They Crashed the Site

Kawhi Leonard is having the time of his life right now, but you wouldn't be able to tell that by a glance at his emotionless facial expressions.

Leonard is leading the Toronto Raptors through their deepest playoff run in franchise history. He has hit clutch shots and locked down opposing stars throughout the entire postseason, and he currently finds himself just two wins away from a championship.

New Balance, who inked a deal with Leonard this season, decided to capitalize on their superstar's virality and success, by dropping a fresh batch of "Fun Guy" shirts ahead of Game 4 of the NBA Finals, referencing comments he previously made in a press conference. Just moments after the shirts hit the market, New Balance's website crashed due to the influx of users trying to get their hands on the apparel.

New Balance really knocked it out of the park with this shirt. The minimalist design meshes perfectly with the lax personality of The Klaw.

It's pretty awesome to see how far Kawhi's brand has come in the past year. He made the surprising choice to sign with New Balance after his contract with Nike concluded, and it's been a decision that's paid off for the superstar.

Just last season he was submerged in controversy with the Spurs, and now he is the top dog on an NBA Finals team and is also making shirts fly off the shelves.

Kawhi has risen to the status of superstar, but not in the way that most players achieve the title. While many players become beloved through dominating play mixed with showcasing a fiery personality, Leonard's path to stardom was quite the opposite. He scarcely shows any emotion, rather allowing his play to do the talking for him.

The love for Kawhi reached new heights following the clip of his famous laugh when he was traded to the Raptors. Months later, he's earned a spot in every NBA fan's heart.