​If Y2K were an NBA player, it would be ​Kawhi Leonard. As Toronto's newest superstar was forced to take in Raptors media day, he was asked, specifically, what makes him a HU-MAN. Sadly, the Kawhi bot went into full overload, and could not compute.

"I....am a fun person?" That wasn't very convincing, ​Kawhi-bot. You were programmed to be better than that. Leonard's hobbies likely include going into sleep mode and quantum physics, but that answer wouldn't appease the media conglomerate.

Leonard is an exceptional specimen, created for the sole purpose of playing basketball. Human interaction is not in his itinerary, and sadly there's no audible in the manual, for now.

Leonard's Raptors ought to compete right away in a fairly weak Eastern Conference. With Boston and Philadelphia as the only clear competitors, the Kawhi-bot can certainly reach his secondary goal of an NBA title, just one notch on his way to world domination.