'Substitution Players' Becoming a Reality as Some NBA Stars Grow Wary of Return Plan

NBA commissioner Adam Silver
NBA commissioner Adam Silver / Stacy Revere/Getty Images

The NBA has been fluid and efficient in determining its blueprint to restart the currently-suspended season at Disney World in Orlando in late July. However, a new report could really throw a wrench into those plans as it pertains to player safety.

ESPN insider Adrian Wojnarowski revealed on Wednesday that several players are skeptical about the prospect of the entire league heading to one location to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

On the heels of that report, Woj disclosed that the NBA is considering implementing a "substitution player" contingency plan should certain players choose not to participate in Orlando.

Approximately 40-50 players have reportedly held conference calls over the past 24 hours voicing their concerns about the 22-team resumption, though no petition has been filed to the players association from any team potentially wanting out of the restart. Per Wojnarowski, these conversations are mostly being had by "non-championship contenders."

At the core of their apprehension is the particular safeguards and restrictions they would be forced to carry out. For example, players wouldn't be able to have visitors until after the first round of the playoffs, which is over a month after the inception of the mid-July training camp, and they wouldn't be allowed to leave the Disney World Resort campus.

Just when you thought commissioner Adam Silver had everything under control, right? Stay tuned for updates on this development as it could have drastic implications on teams the rest of the way.