Nationals Reveal Initial 60-Man Player Pool as MLB Season Nears

The Washington Nationals have revealed the team's roster for the 2020 season.
The Washington Nationals have revealed the team's roster for the 2020 season. / Michael Reaves/Getty Images

The Washington Nationals will finally get to defend their title once the 2020 MLB season begins in July.

The return got a bit more official Sunday when the Nationals announced their 60-man player pool for the season. This includes the full list of players who will be eligible for the season, with both an active roster and a training squad to essentially serve as one minor league team.

This pool should have fans excited. Top prospect Carter Kieboom is included, as are fellow top prospects Luis Garcia and Jackson Rutledge. Fans will also recognize plenty of familiar names, but must also keep in mind that players do have the right to opt out of showing up.

A fascinating part of the 60-man group is the fact the team is carrying six catchers. Part of the strategy may be because the team has four catchers in its top 30 prospect list, according to, and the alternative is the players not getting any training in this year.

Another interesting name on the list is that of veteran Ryan Zimmerman. He has made it clear he hasn't decided if he will play yet as he has a newborn child and his mother has multiple sclerosis. The veteran may end up being one of many players who decides to stay home this year.

This is not the 2020 season anyone had in mind, but it is exciting to get some official news on a return to play. Now we will wait to see if players like Zimmerman and others decide to show up and defend the title.