Ryan Zimmerman is 'Still Deciding' Whether to Play MLB Season in 2020 and He Definitely Shouldn't

Washington Nationals star Ryan Zimmerman has some choices to make before the MLB season.
Washington Nationals star Ryan Zimmerman has some choices to make before the MLB season. / Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Major League Baseball is finally set to take the field in 2020, but that does not mean every player will be taking part. While the financials have been decided upon, health and safety remain lingering questions that are rightfully important to many of the game's players.

One such player is Ryan Zimmerman. The Nationals first baseman gave a very candid analysis of MLB's upcoming season in the Associated Press, headlined by the question of whether or not to play with plenty of high-risk people in his immediate family.

That decision of whether or not to participate comes down to the safety of a three-week-old child and a mother with multiple sclerosis that he would not be able to see until the season's end. Is that worth risking to play a 60-game baseball season?

Clarifying his point, Zimmerman states that he does not believe people must shelter inside their homes or that there should not be a season, but that, "We just need to do things in a sensible, smart way."

That is not to say he is pessimistic, either. Zimmerman expressed interest in what MLB could implement in a shortened season to modernize the game of baseball. But simultaneously, the owners will be sitting at home watching all of this happen while the players take the field and face the risks, which Zimmerman poignantly brings to the surface.

In a time where returning to normal and getting baseball back is all that people seem to be focusing on, Zimmerman is right to place the primary matters of health and safety where they belong.

If that means missing the 2020 season, then he and others across the MLB are absolutely right to do just that.