Howie Kendrick Roasted the Astros During the Nationals' Zoom Call for World Series Rings

Washington Nationals postseason hero Howie Kendrick
Washington Nationals postseason hero Howie Kendrick / Elsa/Getty Images

The Washington Nationals revealed their World Series rings in Sunday night for the baseball world to see even though they're delaying the ceremony and presentation for another day when the 2020 season resumes.

But that didn't stop from us getting some prime entertainment out of the virtual event. The Nationals players, who previously gave us a gift in the form of an epic Zoom call, hopped on another one Sunday evening. Howie Kendrick missed the last one but made sure to not disappoint this time around and roasted the Houston Astros.

Oh man!! But we thought Houston only cheated in 2017? That's what Rob Manfred and the lying Astros players told us, even after Nationals players pointed out some bizarre behavior during the Fall Classic. The digs and insults will forever trump any "report" Major League Baseball gives us.

Don't expect to hear a peep from the Astros though, especially since Kendrick gave them the business, slashing .280/.308/.400 with the go-ahead home run in Game 7.

The baseball season may be on hold, but humor and jeers at the Astros' expense are still in full force. Let's keep them coming so we can better cope with the sport's pause.