Kurt Suzuki Says Nationals Could Hear the Astros Cheating During the 2019 World Series

Kurt Suzuki
Washington Nationals catcher Kurt Suzuki during the 2019 World Series against the Houston Astros | Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

At this point, nothing should really surprise any of us. Nothing. But that doesn't make each new revelation any less jarring in terms of what it reveals about the withering integrity of the game of baseball.

At Washington Nationals Spring Training, catcher Kurt Suzuki made like Max Scherzer and went out and said it: he and his teammates could hear that damning, telltale whistling coming from the Houston Astros' dugout during the 2019 World Series. They were cheating. Everyone knew it. And there was nothing the Nats could do -- except go and win the series.

It is stupid, Kurt. It is wrong.

It's a total joke that the focus of Major League Baseball's investigation into Houston's sign-stealing seemed to focus so exclusively on 2017 given the extensive evidence that their cheating ways continued long after. There's no reason not to believe Suzuki here -- and it makes it all the funnier that Washington won all four games of the 2019 World Series that took place in Houston.

Of course, that doesn't make things better. It certainly doesn't let the Astros off the hook. It's just a ridiculous, teeth-gnashing coda to what has already been an exhausting, process almost entirely bereft of the kind of penalties that would have promised real deterrence.