MLB Suspends Domingo German for 63 Games in 2020 Amid Domestic Violence Allegations

New York Yankees SP Domingo German
New York Yankees SP Domingo German / Paul Bereswill/Getty Images

Major League Baseball has finally come to a resolution regarding New York Yankees starting pitcher Domingo German.

Earlier on Thursday, it was reported the right-hander was facing a "significant" suspension after going on administrative leave late last season due to accusations of domestic violence.

Not too long after, it's reportedly been confirmed the MLB is banning German for 63 games in 2020. The total missed time will be 81 games, but the suspension is retroactive, considering he missed the end of the Yankees' 2019 season, as well as the playoffs.

This is one of the largest domestic violence-related suspensions handed down by commissioner Rob Manfred.

German allegedly struck his girlfriend in September of 2019 and the incident was quickly reported to the league, which promptly took action in getting him off the field and conducting an investigation. It truly couldn't have come at worse time for the Yankees, considering they were already dealing with a ton of injuries, as well as ineptitude across their starting rotation.

The MLB has not taken domestic violence lightly in the slightest over the last five years, and German is yet another example of that.