The Only Winner if the 2020 MLB Season Never Happens is Gary Bettman

NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman
NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman / Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

In a practice that's sadly becoming more commonplace in American society, you can make up for doing something bad if you or someone else immediately does something worse. Past actions be damned if somebody manages to screw up and take the spotlight from you!

That concept has saved NHL commissioner Gary Bettman from once again being roasted as the worst commissioner in American sports. MLB commissioner Rob Manfred's declaration that the 2020 MLB season might not happen due to labor tensions has temporarily allowed Bettman to take the dunce cap off.

Bettman, who rose to power in 1993, has been the commissioner for three separate lockouts, one of which in 2004 cancelled the entire NHL season and torpedoed their pull on a national scale, and he's somehow not the worst commissioner in sports at the moment given he was able to work out a plan to return to action during these trying times.

Manfred is almost going out of his way to foster discord and strife between the players' union and the owners rather than putting his foot down and mandating a season, which he has the power to do.

Say what you will about Bettman, but at least he wants to finish his season amid the coronavirus pandemic, and he came up with a definitive plan that involved skipping the regular season and going right into the playoffs. For the moment, it is Manfred, not Bettman, who is clearly the worst commissioner in all of American sports.