NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman to Announce Official Return-to-Play Plan Tuesday

Gary Bettman will announce the NHL's plan to take the ice again soon
Gary Bettman will announce the NHL's plan to take the ice again soon / Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

As plans for leagues across the country to return to play begin to take shape, the NHL is set to make its strategy official. Commissioner Gary Bettman will announce the league's plans to restart play Tuesday, indicating the NHL is nearing a continuation of the 2019-20 season put on pause due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The NHL has been slowly taking steps to a return, and Bettman's impending announcement figures to place hockey's return within reach at long last.

Just a few days ago, the NHL Players Association approved the implementation of a new 24-team playoff format, echoing changes proposed in the NBA. In addition, small group training recently began as players begin to pick up skates and return to form as part of a phased restart plan.

While exactly what Bettman will announce is unknown, it is a positive sign that the league is moving toward playing again, and will notably become the first North American team sports league to issue a direct announcement accompanied by an official, detailed roadmap for resumption.

Progress will lead to momentum. If the NHL can get this right, our other leagues will surely follow.