MLB Posts Way-Too-Cheerful Coronavirus Graphic and Gets Roasted

This COVId-19 graphic from the MLB looks really confusing
This COVId-19 graphic from the MLB looks really confusing

MLB owners and players finally agreed to health and safety protocols that should help the shortened season get underway without posing as much of a risk of spreading the coronavirus around the league. Some of those procedures include twice daily temperature checks, players standing six feet apart in the stands if not in the game, and monthly antibody testing.

Rather than just list out these protocols, MLB decided to convey such serious information in a weird graphic that is both impossible to read and, according to some, too cherry for serious medical news during a pandemic.

Many on Twitter claimed that this looks like a bad concert poster, as the graphic makes it looks like "Antibody Testing" is headlining the Combating COVID-19 Festival.

Some compared it unfavorably to a Domino's Pizza Box given the red, white, and blue color scheme.

So that's why we were hungry for pepperoni after reading this.

This is serious medical news, MLB. A short thread on Twitter would have been fine. This isn't the time to tell your graphic design department to go wild and flex their muscles.