MLB and MLBPA Reach Agreement on 2020 Season

MLB commissioner Rob Manfred with Milwaukee Brewers' Ryan Braun
MLB commissioner Rob Manfred with Milwaukee Brewers' Ryan Braun / Rob Carr/Getty Images


It's officially official! it real this time?

We almost feel as though we're jinxing it, but per most reasonable insiders, the players have agreed to a 60-game MLB season played in 66 days, which is set to begin on July 24. Players will report to camps on July 1, and we'll officially be set.

All that remains is for the MLBPA to agree to health and safety protocols and potential rule changes.

Because no settlement was reached in the four weeks of negotiations, the players will receive their full prorated salaries, as previously agreed upon.

At this point, the only news that could derail the season would be an increase in COVID-19 cases nationwide. Should that occur, playing baseball will be the least of our concerns.

The owners' failure to bend early, combined with the stubborn nature of the MLBPA, made for a painful process of bargaining over several billion dollars while the country as a whole was struggling through a pandemic. It was a bad look for the sport, but hopefully one that can be mitigated by a few months of pure, unadulterated fun.

Baseball is back, and it feels good to say.