MLB Owners Approve 2020 Proposal and We'll Know in Next 48 Hours if Season Will Happen or Not

Baseball could be coming back soon, per the latest reports
Baseball could be coming back soon, per the latest reports / Handout/Getty Images

After two months of no baseball due to the coronavirus pandemic, MLB appears to be coming closer towards reaching a preliminary agreement on a plan to restart the 2020 season.

The owners have approved a proposal that would get the 2020 campaign started back up once more. They will present it to the players' union on Tuesday, which would be the first hurdle the league needs to clear when it comes to restarting the season (and yes, it'll be a major hurdle).

Finally, a glimmer of hope.

There hasn't been an MLB pitch thrown in almost two months, which is when the MLB season was suspended mid-Spring Training. One major factor that could potentially cause the players to reject this deal is any wage decrease, which the players have already stated would be enough to make them "go to war," considering they'd alrady previously agreed on a salary adjustment.

Fingers crossed that neither side is going to be so devilish.

There are still a lot of hoops to jump through, and the union not accepting this deal would really hamper any hope of the season starting in the immediate future, but it's encouraging to see that there is a chance baseball could be coming back as soon as next month. We'll know much more in the coming 48 hours.