MLB Players Reportedly Ready to Declare War if Owners Demand Further Salary Reductions

Los Angeles Angels Mike Trout with New York Yankees Aaron Judge
Los Angeles Angels Mike Trout with New York Yankees Aaron Judge / Rob Carr/Getty Images

The coronavirus pandemic has forced the 2020 MLB season to be put on hold for what has now been almost two months, and even if the health risks have dissipated enough to the point where baseball could return in a modified format, the players might not be willing to.

After already imposing salary reductions and restrictions on players, the owners could be looking to reduce salaries even further, which would provoke the players going to "war" with the league.

The league approved a salary deal in which the players will divide a $170 million lump sum payment amongst themselves. Their 2020 salaries will be paid on a "pro-rata" basis based on the number of games played. That is already a deal that a large portion of MLB players are not thrilled with.

If the league asks for more salary reductions after that, there is a good chance that the players do not sign off on a deal for the 2020 season.

If the owners have any sense and value the money that players can generate for their organizations, they'll realize what a foolish move requesting further salary restrictions would be and give up this fight as soon as the league gets the OK to resume play.