MLB Players Actually Aren't Completely off the Hook Under League's New Marijuana Policy

The league has eased its stance on marijuana usage.
The league has eased its stance on marijuana usage. / John McCoy/Getty Images

Baseball players received a little bit of leeway this offseason when MLB announced that marijuana had been removed from banned substance list.

Minor league players in particular will now no longer be subject to lengthy suspensions if they test positive for marijuana use. Rather, they will be fined and reviewed for a possible training program.

Players aren't completely off the hook, though. Violations of any marijuana laws will still be met with swift punishment.

But while there's still punishment for players who show up to games or training under the influence, it marks a massive step towards helping create a dialogue between the league office and the MLB Players Association on helping keep players safe.

The relaxed punishment for marijuana also came in tandem with increased testing for opioid use, something that was put under the spotlight after Los Angeles Angels starter Tyler Skaggs overdosed and was found with opioids in his system in 2019.

The reworking of the system is a good sign for the league. It's evidence that meaningful change is happening in regards to helping the players lead safe and healthy lives.