Latest Update Indicates Both Players and Owners Are Willing to Compromise to Bring Baseball Back in 2020

Tony Clark
MLBPA president Tony Clark | Mark Cunningham/Getty Images

While the owners and MLBPA are categorically divided on so many issues pertaining to the financial end of a restarted, truncated 2020 MLB season, an NBC Sports report served as the first ray of hope in a long time that asserts a restart in 2020 is right around the corner.

The report claims that the league is willing to compromise on the 50/50 revenue split, and players have been willing to defer salaries to reduce owner expenses in an attempt to get games back as soon as possible.

Deferring salaries is by no means an ideal proposal, but it might be the only way for owner expenses to be reduced to the point they would agree on a deal.

The report claims that those two concepts will be the general starting points for negotiations, with more concessions made on both sides until a deal that gets play restarted is struck.

This may sound good in principal, but negotiations between the players and owners could still get pretty nasty, given the tense labor environment and soon-to-be expiring CBA. Hopefully, the mutual goal of playing the 2020 as soon as possible is enough for the two warring factions to put their differences aside for the moment.