VIDEO: What in God's Name is Going on in This Dance-off During the Missouri-Arkansas Game?

Weird mascot dance-off during Missouri vs Arkansas
Weird mascot dance-off during Missouri vs Arkansas | @Wes_nship Twitter

Dance-offs are staple of virtually every sporting event. Nothing quite captures the fan experience quite like letting loose to some music. But for this showdown in the middle of the Missouri Tigers' college basketball game against the Arkansas Razorbacks, things got just a little bit questionable.

Seriously, what's even going on here? Why is someone dressed up as an official squaring off against the mascot? Why is the official Milly Rocking?

There's just so much to unpack here. It's on its own level of weird. Is watching a fake referee engage in an awkward dance-off supposed to hype up the crowd? Was it meant to send everyone into a confused daze?

It's definitely a bold choice for entertainment, that much is certain. Maybe it can actually get the referees to lighten up just a little bit. They definitely seemed to be getting a kick out of the display from the background.